Hats Off to Cookie

Will you look at that?

Another dog in a hat…
Her name is Cookie and her mom is Robin Moore. You can put a hat on a dog, but you can’t make her wear it. What is Robin’s training secret? Will she tell?

And Cookie looks like she has something to say.

Why is Cookie wearing a hat. Is she waiting for a bone?

 “Ay, Lass, would ya’ be needin’ any sheep moved today?”

Fetch Robin’s blog at http://robinofrockridge.wordpress.com/

15 thoughts on “Hats Off to Cookie

  1. What a wonderful picture of such a patient dog. Thanks very much for sharing it with us all . Way to go Cookie.


  2. Yet another adorable photo of the amazing Cookie! That old dog sure loves to learn to new tricks. What a star she has become. Thanks for the fun post! 🙂
    -Kathy (Robin’s daughter)


  3. Thanks for posting Cookie’s photo, Deborah!
    How’d we pose her in a hat? It has a lot to do with being a smart Border Collie. She wasn’t a problem so much as getting the hats to balance on her head long enough to pose for the photo. (We took more hat photos for later.)


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