Lick Me, I’m Irish: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French at Dog Leader Mysteries

At first, Sydney did not want to wear the green shamrock glasses then he did not want to wear the silly hat. We had fun going for a funny Photo Friday. I think our dog forgave us. Dogs may remember things they did not like. But most of them let negative stuff go.

Hat & glasses Sydney

Let your dog be happy (without the silly glasses).

If I look over there, am I invisible?
Okay, I got it, you want me to wear this.

5 thoughts on “Lick Me, I’m Irish: Photo Friday

    1. Hi Dawn! One of my keeshonds came with your name. Dawn would slink about the kitchen, while I cooked dinner. (She’d forget she had been put in “Down, stay.”) So if I ended up stepping on one of her paws, I’d yelp and she’d yelped! Then she would give me a direct stare like I was the one who had forgotten she had free choice of all vegetable slices that rolled off the chopping board.

      She always forgave me, quickly, but I’d be left worrying I had hurt her.


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