5 ways to prevent cruelty to animals

By Deborah Taylor-French http://www.dogleadermysteries.com

For 147 years, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)  has kept its motto:

“We are their voice.”

Each April, Dog Leader Mysteries blog goes ORANGE for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month.

For puppies sake! Pet shops must stop selling pups.
For puppies sake! Pet shops must stop selling pups.

1 Adopt, don’t shop for your next pet. In the USA millions of pets die in animal shelters every year. The main reason these pets die is due to abandonment, getting lost, or pets families losing their homes. Also pet families may not be able to pay for health care for aging pets.  Homeless pets need our help.

The best way to stop puppy mills is never buy a pet online or in a pet shop.

2. Look for and only buy cruelty free products. Cosmetic companies have changed their laboratory testing on animals because of people who do not want rabbits, cats and dogs suffering in cages. Pets and lab animals suffer as creams, lotions or makeup gets rubbed into their eyes.

3. Never buy fur.  The fur trade has a long history of cruelty to animals. Animals hunted for fur coats or baby seals clubbed to death adds up to terrible cruelty. Write letters to retail stores that sell fur to stop. For every person who writes a letter to end the suffering of animals hunted or raised in cages for the fur trade, another hundred people believe this type of animal cruelty must stop.

4. Visit the ASPCA to learn more about what you can do for animals. The ASPCA Website hosts a page of free stuff like computer wallpapers and cut badges like the ones on my blog today.  Click for free stuff. http://www.aspca.org/about-us/aspca-april/

5. ASPCA Day on April 10 wear orange—the official color of the ASPCA—to commemorate the protection of animals.

Orange you gonna take me for a walk?
I love April.

Sydney rarely notices poppies, unless another dog has left him a message.

Stop Cruelty to Animals

I love all flowers in every color. One of the first flowers I learned to name was the California poppy, our state’s official flower. These wild poppies self-sow. Their seeds ride the wind then grow in-between rocks, weeds and garden plants. I like watching California poppies as  they poke their pale-green leaves up in our garden. I feel watching their rich color may rival to the thrill I feel when a hummingbird zooms close by. Native poppies sporting golden-orange. Their cheery waves makes a day in the Golden State of California live up to its name.

Wear orange when you walk your dog this April.  Show your true colors for animal welfare. If you look good in orange, you can get a t-shirt from the ASPCA Go Orange.

ASPCA sign_545X300


This April turn your Website orange!


11 thoughts on “5 ways to prevent cruelty to animals

  1. You can also help by not shopping in any store that sells puppies. Even if you’re just buying a can of cat food, you’re indirectly supporting puppy mills! Great post!


    1. Thanks for this reminder. Yes, I stopped buying anything at a pet shop because they sell rabbits and birds.
      I would rather buy from a local farm supply, They pull all recalled pet foods off the shelves before they open their doors. A topic for my next blog post.

      Have you been reading my mind? Dogs seem to do that, don’t they?


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