Best Mutt in the World: Photo Friday

By Deborah Taylor-French

A dog can win your heart. A person can win your heart, but a dog must keep it. Dogs’ lives depend on us. They need us for shelter, food, fun and healthy exercise.

Dog lovers come in at least two camps

One camp  treats dogs like objects, dogs exist to be bred, shown, work for people, perform tricks, and learn and demonstrate model behavior.

One camp thinks dogs like people should be loved, cared for and praised for themselves. This humane group believes dogs need us as much as we need them.

Should Dogs Be Bred for Beauty?

Praising adorable purebred puppies and dogs puts them into a Miss or Mr. Universe dog show pitting ideal standards. This kind of cultural dog show thinking causes over-breeding and inbreeding. Several popular dog breeds require all puppies being delivered under surgery at veterinarian hospitals. I think this practice is harmful to dogs.

Many purebred puppies die in their first few weeks because of inbreed weaknesses.

Mutt Lovers Unite

This Photo Friday looks at dogs as being unique, never to be repeated individuals.

In praise of mutts, please send your mutt photographs. I want a big collection to publish in the next few months. Comment on this post about where you found your mutt and tell me what you love about your dog’s personality.

Do You Have a Mutt Full of Personality?

Do you have one?

I took these photographs of my friend’s adopted little guy, Toby. Of course, Toby has a high opinion of himself and a huge personality.

Toby seems to love everybody in the neighborhood, man or beast. Well, except for cats.

Mom, what can I do? I can help, really.
Mom, what can I do? I can help, really.

I hope to post a video or two of Toby on my YouTube channel soon.

Imagine me twice as cute
Why did we stop walking?

Please tell me your favorite mutt’s name, what makes him or her special and why your mutt should win a basket of healthy goodies from Dog Leader Mysteries.

Thanks for reading and sharing.

Nationwide, you and your mutt can make a difference walking for a good cause. Check out how at the Bark Magizine Strut Your Mutt-A Cause to Walk For

3 thoughts on “Best Mutt in the World: Photo Friday

  1. I love mutts!!! And Toby is such a cutie. 🙂 Pierson is my mutt. I found him at Pierson Park in Kansas City, Kansas. The word was that he had been living there for at least half the month of December and part of January, possibly longer. He had no tags, no microchip, and was full of fleas and ticks. He was also very shy. It took me three days to catch him, but when I did it was the best day ever. He is a fantastic dog and everybody loves him, especially me. ❤ Why should he get a basket of healthy goodies? Because even though I captured him in a park, he is the one who captured my heart. ❤❤❤

    Pictures? Visit my blog and search Pierson. Feel free to share any of them. If you need a higher quality image, email me at naturebydawn at aol dot com.


    1. Thanks for entering for a basket/box of wholesome goodies. I love that you named your mutt after the park you found him hiding in.

      I just read perhaps 85% of the worlds’ dogs live homeless on the edge of cities and towns. Most likely, they suffer from fleas, disease, cold and hunger. I will need to research the reports and studies on world observations to determine a more accurate percentage.

      Best of luck to win this Dog Leader’s Best Mutt in the World.


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