Zorro the dog

This turned out to be a crazy idea.

Well, maybe it started out as a crazy one?

Zorro: the Dog Version?

We hadn’t found any Zorro pet costumes. So we set out to invent one. After making the hat, Sydney, our dog, reminded us that he does not like hats. Quite the odd moment, when we realized that making a mask for a dog was dumb. Duh! However he disliked this photo session, Sydney showed unusual patience. Afterward he even licked our hands, showing that legendary canine forgiveness. Of course, we gave him dog treats, carrot and sugar snap pea pieces too during the entire process. So there was something in it for him.

Best can t see mask Sid
Are you sure I need to do this?

At least we had fun trying. Sydney sat patiently for at least fifteen minutes while we struggled to get his eyes to show through the mask, but each time the hat went on Sydney tossed it off.

Lesson learned.

Never make a hat for your dog.

Zorro's dog in black hat
Are you sure we need to do this?

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12 thoughts on “Zorro the dog

    1. What a great name Dexter is. Thanks for leaving your upbeat note. Sydney does look cute in the hat we made him.

      Sydney’s idea of a party is tons of food and belly rubs. Affectionally, we refer to him as “The Chopper” or “Pork Chop.”


  1. Alma won’t keep a hat on either (the few times we’ve tried) – chinstrap or not. Though, the one time we did dress up Moses for Halloween, he wore his hat the whole time and looked ridiculous. (He was ketchup to match our friends, who dressed their Bernese Mountain Dog up as mustard.)


  2. I remember one year while giving Cookie her once-a-year haircut that I started out giving her a male lion cut. You know, shaggy over the shoulders & head, leg poofs, etc. I had her stand on a tree stump for photos. I swear she glared at me out of the corner of her eye because she was so humiliated with her ridiculous lion trim. As soon as the clippers cooled enough we finished her annual cut.


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