Save $$$ + worry with annual exams  

 Annual exam for our Sydney

Time to leave,  right?
Body Language Sydney leans on Marc
Dogs show us how they feel

No doubt about it. Sydney was not happy at this moment. In fact for the week before his annual exam, he looked so sad, after pulling out more of his hair on his rump and licking himself until he bled. We knew our dog suffered from hot spots. We had treated them successfully with a natural product I wrote about in “Heal dog hot spots.”

But we had not diagnosed the skin infection on his tummy. Luckily, our veterinarian, Dr. Steve Diehl, DVM, MS at Montecito Veterinary Center listens well, discusses options and does a full exam. That exam Sydney received a cortizone shot, had heart worm blood testing and got his nails trimmed. Our Sydney had been a conehead guy for about a week before, so our dog was more than ready to leave after those procedures. Marc wanted to know more about how to  give good care because our dog had a yeast or allergic skin infection.

So glad we have a an excellent veterinarian! We took home two kinds of pills to give four times a day with meat or cheese. Sydney’s outcome looks good with an addition of a medicated allergy shampoo.

For those of you who live in the San Francisco’s North Bay or Sonoma County, California, I am quoting our Vet’s bio on MCV Website because even on the page, he is an impressive medical expert. Go see him, we highly recommend Steven Diehl, DVM, MS.

“As a teenager, Dr. Diehl recalls his parents taking him to visit Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael. He was enthralled with the work these dogs performed and, given his interest in biology and science, thought the best job in the world would be to take care of these dogs as a veterinarian.

Dr. Diehl was trained at the University of California, Davis, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science, a Masters Degree in Animal Physiology, and finally a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 1992. After completing his education, Dr. Diehl spent 6 years at a large small animal emergency and specialty practice in Santa Rosa, and fell in love with Sonoma County. Dr. Diehl served as National Veterinarian for the non-profit assistance dog agency, Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), working from the national headquarters in Santa Rosa. After working as a regional Senior Technical Services Veterinarian at Bayer Animal Health, he returned to private practice and, since 2010, has treated pets at Montecito Veterinary Center (MVC).

Dr. Diehl practices general medicine and surgery, mostly on dogs and cats, and especially enjoys the challenge of discovering the underlying cause of a pet’s medical problem. His clients appreciate his compassionate and thoughtful style. He feels very fortunate to be a practicing veterinarian in Sonoma County and especially appreciates and admires the professionalism and dedication of the staff at MVC.”

The importance of finding a great Vet

We looked for a new Vet and found both a face to face favorite also matched our Yelp results for Santa Rosa.  Please research veterinarian clinics before your pets need health care. We have found it pays to stay up on annual exams and shots. After raising five dogs, all living in great health and enjoying long lives, I believe regular health checkups plus good food, filtered water and exercise keeps dogs well.

I love Marc. Marc take me home!
Cone-head, panting to cool down in the exam room

Having to take a very sick pet to a strange Vet clinic after hours felt double scary! Only once did that happened to our family. Sydney eat some passerby’s “weed” wrapped in a sweet swisher and two hours later we were shaking as hard as he was at a strange 24-hour clinic! If you wish to read about how ingesting marijuana made our dog sick for a week and  that top Vets do urine tests for toxicity include THC in their standard panels. Some Vets find that weekly they average six or more dogs sick from accidentally eating marijuana. Yes, you read that correct.

Six or more dogs per week test positive for marijuana toxicity at a single Vet clinic!

 Please read my post from 2013 Marijuana made our dog sick

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Thanks for reading. Deborah Taylor-French

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