Electronics stolen from animal shelter

“Whenever anything truly bad made headline news and I would ask my mother about it,  she always said, 
'Look to the helpers. You will find helpers when you look.’” 
Mr. Rogers

Burglary Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

A Friday night in mid-June, burglars entered through an open window, grabbed a laptop computer, a portable printer, a projector and a flat screen T.V. The flat screen is used to teach volunteers and kids animal camp. Next, the thieves put the animal shelter’s stolen items in a truck owned by the shelter. “Burglary and theft always feels like a violation and it’s all the more maddening when it affects helpless animals,” Mickey Zeldes, RPA Shelter Supervisor.

Are you a helper? Will you help?

“The Animal Shelter League had been making preparations to launch a fundraiser to build small group rooms for the hundreds of kittens they take in each year and that must live in cages with little breaks for social play.”

Yes, we agree.
Don’t Shop, ADOPT

“The frustration and sadness of seeing the shelter ransacked was doubly heartbreaking…now with the break-in, the limited funds must be used to replace stolen items.” The truck was found abandoned nearby. Kayla Webster, The Community Voice, June 19, 2015. Anyone wishing to be a helper and donate can do so at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. Thank you for caring, giving and sharing for homeless pets.

The loss of the business and educational equipment should not keep friends, volunteers and community from improving the welfare of kittens they take in each year. Please donate on their Website Rohnert Park Animal Shelter or by mail or visiting the shelter at 301 J. Rogers Lane, Rohnert Park, CA 94928.

Kid bake sale $$$ 4 pets
Animal shelter helpers!

Looking for a photo credit for the one above. On Facebook RPAS wrote that these Kidz and Critters Campers took action to help replace the stolen items by holding a bake sale that  raised $381.00 for the animal shelter.

Shelter Supervisor Micky Zeldes writes a bi-monthly column on shelter pets in The Community Voice and also writes blog posts on the shelters Website. I think she does a wonderful job of advocating for all types of pets. She also continues, along with volunteers, educating volunteers and children at the shelter’s summer Critter Camp.

One Hundred Years of Kindness

There is a fascinating overview of a hundred years of celebrating BKTAW at the kindness100.org website.  It highlights the celebrities that have been chairpersons for this event over the years including Shirley Temple (1936), Betty White (1971), John Wayne (1973), Doris Day (1975), Clint Eastwood (1982), and Richard Dreyfuss (1991) among others.  Many of these stars have continued on in animal welfare for their entire careers.  It also includes some of the achievements this movement has garnered over the years. Interesting to see how far we’ve come and what issues are still the same after all these years.”

Mickey Zeldes 100 years of kindness

Please visit the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter Facebook Page

Please take action!
Actions show who U R


Thanks for caring and sharing, Deborah Taylor-French

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