Do you dig it?

Can you dig this?

A rare & welcome sight

I dig it. Never saw anything like it.

Love this invitation to rest with my dog. I want to add something like this to our front garden, plus a few books to read too.

Come sit & rest your feet!
Dog walkers bench

A dog walkers’ haven

What a welcome sight! I delighted at rounding a corner to see this addition to a neighborhood a ways from us. I like walking my dog there because of the broad trees and tall fences give us cool shady lanes on warm mornings and afternoons.

I dig green stuff!
Sydney digs it.

Sydney not only loves walking and rolling in the grass, he loves eating it too. All our dogs have loved chewing on grass. Maybe it’s doggie chewing gum? He also loves to pick and eat sweet peas off the vine, strawberries and raspberries.

An ear full of compost?

Six weeks ago Sydney worked his ear to the ground and came up with an earful of dirt. The black gold compost we spread around our roses, evergreens and vegetables. Well, what makes our garden grow, is no good for dogs. Sydney packed his ear so full, we had to take him to a Vet to get it out. More later on that Vet visit, when I get over the fact that a little dog without the use of human hands, pack about 1/4 up of dirt in one ear. Marc says, “There were potatoes growing. He’d started a whole garden in his ear.”

This is a Blog Paws blog hop so please visit and see the cute garden pets today.

Wordless Wednesday
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11 thoughts on “Do you dig it?

    1. I love the Little Library movement and have wanted to add one. It’s a sort of a large mail box with book shelves and a note to take a book and leave a book (one you like). So with the bench and a dog water dish we would have a neighborhood mini park.


      1. Oh, that is a nice idea. I might just float that idea with the locals around here. Being very rural, the strength of the community is an aspect we never had in mind when we bought the property in 2012. It’s turned out to the jewel in the crown, so to speak.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Although we do not live in a truly rural, we are in a fairly small town, where all the usual and unusual volunteers, leaders and giving peeps show up. Last week our town (once again) hosted and put on our Kids’ Day Parade, free of charge to kids and parents. Hanging out in the park that forms the heart of Cotati, we delighted all ages pummeling wooden birdhouses into being and gluing wooden cars.


    1. Yes, they must be special. I’m thinking of writing a thank you note and leaving it on their porch. I’m sure they did not do it for thanks, but still I love having people tell me I’m appreciated.


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