So long, the mystery was missing

  • What is the mystery here?

I admit it. I have held back Dog Leader Mystery fiction. One of my new readers asked me in an email, “What’s the mystery in Dog Leader Mysteries?”


Yes, I’m afraid so. 

Having written at least a million words in my first nine drafts of book one, I should stop being so secretive about my characters and setting, right?

So here goes, now that I have published over 500 posts on this blog, testing what brings new readers and keeps them I promise to keep pPosting a thread of Dog Leader Mysteries fiction, posting no less than once a week. 

Okay, Paul, Debra and other frequent commenters, I am asking you to complain if I miss a week. This way I will know to make it up iti you with two posts the following week! 😜😜

First paragraph in an ACT I chapter 

Nevada pressed her knuckle to her lips. Something’s wrong and Dad won’t tell me the truth. But I can’t accuse him of lying because he changes the subject when I ask about the investigation. 

She bent over and whispered in her dog’s ear. “You’ll help me. It’s not my fault I’m only twelve.”

She stood up after snapping a leash on the harness of her black and silver Keeshond dog. 

“Dad, we’re going for a walk before it gets dark.” 

But to be honest with myself, I can’t wait another minute for news. Luckily, the very best town news guy is just three minutes away. Once outside we leave at a run, setting both my dog and me, panting.

Thanks for reading and sharing, Deborah

2 thoughts on “So long, the mystery was missing

  1. Greetings:
    Zippidity do Dah Can’t wait to read along.
    Thank you also for the phone call. 🐎💙🐎💜🐎💛

    You may find more information on me or Equisance. Inc at Moon Valley Ranch:
    LinkedIn –

    Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2015 15:35:08 +0000

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