4 tips for National Dog Day

Silly or not this day comes with actionable suggestions to help dogs in the U.S.A. You do not need to have a dog to help dogs!


This dogs loves people, not other dogs
Central Park, NY
 Pashi greeted us gently and his person said, “Pashi loves people. We could spent all day in Central Park, greeting perso after person. But she does not like other dogs!”

  1. Understand & educate others that all dogs are not alike.
  2. Write letters, emails and call your state and U.S. Representatives, asking them to ban puppy mills.
  3. Offer to walk a neighbor’s or loved one’s dog that does get two walks a day because a dog’s sense of smell & need for roaming, often go neglected. For a heatlthy dog, go for long snuffling walks.
  4. Adopt a dog from an animal shelter or rescue. If you cannot have a dog, volunteer or donate to your local animal shelter.

Thanks for reading Dog Leader Mysteries. 

Deborah Taylor/French

15 thoughts on “4 tips for National Dog Day

  1. As always, your genuine care for dogs comes across in your blog. These are all great tips. My friend just rescued a dog who had hot oil poured on his back. The dog has healed, and the most amazing thing is his capacity to still live with humans. He’s the most loving, well adjusted dog, even after the horrific thing that happened to him.

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    1. That is an incredible example of how a dog forgives. Akin to Ben, one of our rescue horses. Ben was forcibly removed by Roseburg Sheriff from a family who had been beating Ben, starving him and firing air-gun pellets into his chest!!!

      Yes, it took Ben quite a few weeks to allow me to come near him, not surprisingly. Now I can hug him, wrap my arms around his neck and he loves nuzzling my shoulders. What lessons of forgiveness our animals offer us.

      Thanks Deborah.

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    2. Wow, what a story, what a heartbreaking story and, then it turns into a heartwarming story. I’m so glad the dog is healed, can live with people, trust & love again.

      DA WN my keeshond that got underfoot in the kitchen while I was cooking she would pull back and stare at me rather shocked.
      I’d hurt her and she couldn’t believe that I would. And then I would say I was sorry and get down. I would have her sniff me then I’d pet her.

      Dawn was a dog who, forgave and forgot!

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog I’m glad you think these points are helpful.

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      1. I just checked it out. I once rescued a Dutch barge dog (which I guess is the same as a Keeshond) from drowning. I was out for a 6am kayak and found him swimming in circles in the ocean. I found his owners’ boat and they were very happy to have him back after his little mishap. What a lovely dog.

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      2. Yes, keeshonds are also known as “Smiling Dutchmen.”

        For centuries the breed was the favorite dog in all of Holland, but Count Kees led a rebellion against the ruler at that time, he was put to death along with thousands of beloved family keeshonds, for fear that entire families would be killed due to their dog breed’s links to Count Kees.

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