Storytelling tricks: Tom Petty

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Today, we take a snooze then listen to a favorite storyteller, Tom Petty. On Labor Day, we celebrate the labor of all artists everywhere, who entertain and inform us. Despite listening to this live version of this song over and over, I just don’t get tired of the winking, having a blast singer-songwriter teasing his fans at a concert filmed in Gainesville, Florida.

In this live performance, Petty engages his audience in a playful call and response. He pretends to not know what’s next. But the audience crammed with fans enjoys a bit of a sing along. Tom Petty smiles  knowing they are in on the joke. Remember, he’s in his hometown, where Petty grew up. He recalls his teenage brain, what scary stuff adults warned him against doing. Let’s be honest, in our teens we all believed a lot of bad news, stupid silly stuff adults said and style fads that we would not be seen in for love nor money.

Children make fun storytellers

Yeah, in every city, town or village, parents and well-meaning adults tell kids to “stay out of trouble.” “Watch out for the boogieman.” “Never trust a stranger.” “Never ever go in there.”

Hey, come over
Dog collar on Hank, a golden retriever puppy

Just how helpful is that?

Stay out of trouble!

Enjoy “Spike”
by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Spike (Live May 1, 2012)

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Have you heard this song? Did you enjoy it?

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