What We Look for in Unsolicited Submissions

Kim Winternheimer, founding editor of The Masters Review, explains what she looks for when reading unsolicited submissions.

Source: What We Look for in Unsolicited Submissions

Starting out writing fiction?

Do look at the points Kim makes on what they are looking for in short fiction. I recommend my readers who love to write check out The Masters Review Website.

Come listen to my songs
Come listen to my songs

Entries for The Masters Review’s fall fiction contest are open until 31 October 2015. First prize is US$2000 and publication. For full details visit the TMR’s website.

By the way, I just read some of the stories published in this anthology. Do go and check in out!

The Masters Review Anthology

“Cover singleSubmissions for this category are currently closed. This is an annual project, which will open on January 15, 2016. To learn more about the current anthology, click here.

Every year The Masters Review opens submissions to produce our anthology, a collection of ten stories written by the best emerging authors. Our aim is showcase ten writers who we believe will continue to produce great work. Our third volume was recently awarded the Silver Medal for Best Short Story Collection by the American Library Association through the INDIEFAB Awards, and is a testimony to the quality of work we produce. The ten winning writers are nationally distributed with work exposed to top agents, editors, and authors across the country. Our fourth volume publishes in the fall.

For any other submission questions, concerns, or inquiries on distribution and advertising, please email a staff member at: contact (at) mastersreview (dot) com”

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