Mongrel road warriors?

Mutt driving U nuts?

Buckle up! I've got my seat belt on.
Buckle up! I’ve got my seat belt on.

“Leave the driving to us, “ an old slogan for Greyhound buses, applies here.

Want your own mutt motoring mania?

“She is four to five years old. White. Cockapoo. Instead of a Cockapoo we think Gwennie could pass for a miniature polar bear. Fluffy, white and so cuddly. All this dog wants to do is give you lots of love and affection. Nobody in the shelter would look at her because she was very dirty and her coat was so tangled. Just look what a good grooming does? Now Gwennie looks and feels like a 22 pound show dog. She could lose a couple of pounds and once she is in her forever home and has good food and exercise this wonderful dog will be totally content.”

Adopt or sponsor, Gwennie

Cockerpoo Gwennie

Gwennie comes house trained, spayed. She is current on vaccinations. Her coat color looks white or cream. Contact: PERFECT PET RESCUE, P.O. Box 24099, Los Angeles, CA 90210

Please visit Pet for Sydney’s cousin’s up for adoption!

Blog Paws member
Blog Paws member

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“Sydney’s Spot: “Route 666: Devil dogs drive dangerously.”
Blog Paws Blog Hop
Blog Paws Blog Hop

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