Be the Change 4 American wild horses

Horses captured my heart before I could talk

Give my that carrot.
A curious friendly & hungry little horse

American wild horses need help.

October 15, 2015 Good News 4 Sequoia, 1 wild horse
Her brown coloration dived her from the adoptable horses.
Protect this American mustang. Do it now or Sequoia dies #1598.

On October 14 I read Protect Mustangs Facebook page and saw this news. “GREAT NEWS! SEQUOIA (#1598) had no bids during the Internet Adoption and thanks to you all sharing her photo SEQUOIA has been adopted! Congratulations to Judith Hamilton-Schultze on Welcoming SEQUOIA into your family! Thank you so much for saving her.”

“YOU made a difference by Sharing ‪#‎SEQUOIA‬’s photo to find her forever home and now YOU can make a difference by WRITING BLM today and asking them to leave the ‪#‎REDDESERT‬ Complex Wild Horses alone in WYOMING and NO ROUNDUP–NO FERTILITY CONTROL (PZP)…

…because wild horses are an underpopulated species in America today and especially in Wyoming!”


The bad news? The killing goes on.

BRAVE is in Fallon, Nevada, right now and that’s where the kill-buyer auction is! ‪#‎SAVEBRAVE Please adopt her. If you can’t adopt please share her photo so someone can save her. Please?

American mustang dies or lives by a walk in adoption in Fallon
American mustang dies or lives by a walk in adoption in Fallon

Opening bid is $125 U.S. dollars.

This is how you adopt online from the BLM:

Go to:

Below is more information about #BRAVE from BLM:

  • Sex: Filly Age: 1 Years Height (in hands): 13
  • Necktag #: 1560 Date Captured: 04/01/14
  • Freezemark: 14621560 Signalment Key: HF1AAAABB
  • Color: Bay. Brave was born in a holding facility.

After October 8, 2015 all unclaimed mustangs will be available for in-person walk up adoption ONLY.

Take action‬ because this mustang, born in captivity, should not die because the U.S. Bureau of Land Management would rather truck her out of state to a slaughter house. She does not deserve being made into dog food. She deserves to live, run free or at least be loved and cared for by a kind human family that knows how to gently teach her to trust.

Please save American mustangs.

Please contact please visit the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management and protest the killing of American wild horses. Demand humane treatment of all wild horses. Don’t let them run them down with helicopters and trucks. Don’t let the BLM round-ups continue to chase mustangs until their legs break.

Go fetch Facebook updates by Protect Mustangs.

Save American Mustangs
Grab this badge, write 4 animals then add #BtC4Animals
Contact Protect
Remember, you’ve got power!
Margaret Mead would approve
Be the Change for one animal at a time.

If you like this Margaret Mead photo and quote, I’m adding a link so you to find it. Disclaimer: I did not create this, nor do I own it.

6 thoughts on “Be the Change 4 American wild horses

  1. What’s happening with these horses is absolutely inexcusable. You’ve chosen a very timely, urgent cause! It’s so very hard to imagine how anyone could be so callous about such beautiful creatures.

    Thank you for blogging the change for animals!
    Kim Thomas
    Be the Change for Animals

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note.

      Yes, an ongoing inhumane to animals issue in the United States of America. Odd how millions of people the world over love American films of westerns and love horses, yet know so little of this terrible abuse of our own wild horses.

      Hoping you will share my post on Twitter, etc. We have got to put a face to this and stop it.


    1. Hi Sue, Thanks for reading, caring and sharing the fate of American mustangs.

      I believe our numbers are growing, when we will be the lawmakers and majority for humane treatment of wild horses. Plus I hope that power shift comes soon.


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