Wild horses should stay wild

No bull. But plenty of lies in America
Wild horses need listing as endangered species
helicopter roundup
Mustangs chased to death or penned

Photo credit: Associated Press

The Fish and Wildlife Service has made the decision to reject a petition for listing the wild horse as an endangered species.

Unfortunately, this petition effort failed to establish the important FACT that The Horse is a reintroduced, NATIVE North American wildlife species. As the eminent paleontologist Dr. Ross MacPhee, of the American Museum of Natural History in New York has stated, “Scientifically, the BLM’s comment that The Horse did not biologically evolve on the North American continent is wrong, and therefore the additional comments about The Horse being foreign to the Western ecosystem is completely irrelevant..scientifically, the idea that horses are an invasive species is utterly wrong.” Dr. Macphee has further clarified that while the term “feral” describes a once-domesticated species’ relationship to humans, it has no scientific or biological meaning or relevance to the debate over whether a species is “invasive” or “native.”

“U.S. Wildlife Agency won’t list wild horses as endangered” Missourian.com/news

Salt Wells Creek Mustang Shiloh Comes Home!

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