Protect dogs from toxins: Dog Food Alerts

Keep your dog healthy by recall alerts

My purpose for this blog and my tagline is ’saving dogs’ lives & dog lovers’ sanity. I want all my readers to know The Dog Food Advisor.  Editor Mike Sagman,  has personally helped Dog Leader Mysteries receive over 1,600 visitors in one day.  That is not why I want to write about him. Mike provides at least two essential services for dog lovers. Both remain free of charge.

Essential free services for dog lovers

Don’t miss out on these two important, and potentially life saving, services from the Dog Food Advisor. The most important thing I believe we dog lovers can do for our pets is keep them healthy. Keep the avoidable health issues down to a minimum. Do not leave medications, candy, gum or toxic chemicals where your dog can ingest them. Think of your dog as a toddler. For the lifetime of your pet you need to ‘child proof your home and car.’ Vets will tell you that many visits are unnecessary, if the dog owner had thought ahead and prevented the ingestion of toxic and damaging stuff.

Our sick  dog, Sydney, after ingesting a toxin

Our little, Sydney, got into toxins someone tossed into our backyard. He felt awful, would not drink, EAT, walk or play for days. We spent over $200 at an all night Vet clinic to find out why he suddenly became afraid of us, could not walk and would not come out from under the sofa. The Vet tested his urine and discovered he had ingested cannabis. Because we never use, buy or handle that, Marc had to look very hard the next day to find out where our dog gained access. Dogs do not like the smell of cannabis. They avoid it, unless it  is mixed with…please read my post, Marijuana made our dog sick.  Learn why you should be concerned for your dog.

2 sick Sid

 2 simple steps for dog care

Read about dog food brands and formulas. The Dog Food Advisor provides years of facts and ingredients, which he regularly updates on both dry and wet dog food plus dog treats.

Sign up for The Dog Food Advisor’s free dog food recall list. Simple, short and to the point emails on what has been recalled and why. Of course you can always follow the links to his site and read more about each recall alert. Below is a sample alert I received December 2, 2015.


“Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

Dave’s Pet Food of Agawam, Massachusetts, has confirmed it is voluntarily recalling one production lot of its Dave’s Simply the Best dry dog food due to the presence of an “off odor”.To learn which products are affected, please visit the following link:Dave’s Dog Food Recall of December 2015. Please be sure to share the news of this alert with other pet owners.

Mike Sagman, Editor, The Dog Food Advisor

P.S. Not already on our dog food recall notification list yet?”


Sign up to get critical dog food recall alerts sent to you by email. There’s no cost for this service.

First go to the Dog Food Advisor and sign up for his recall email notices. Next, search and find the brand and type of food you are feeding your dog. For many of us, his food research was both eye-opening and empowering.

Thanks for reading. If you do visit the Dog Food Advisor and comment, please tell him I sent you. Thanks,

Deborah Taylor-French

Please leave comments, responses  or questions, I love hearing from my readers.

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