Zen Rabbit

Love watching our house rabbit

Our house rabbit, Tuxedo, makes me laugh. Everyday. Due to Tuxedo’s in the moment aliveness, he often startles me with his playfulness. He shifts, sniffs, tracks and twirls.

When he desires, Tuxedo hops to a wall (with no thought of gracefulness) flops his whole body down. Legs splay behind, ears akimbo and completely relaxed, he rests. The time span of these time outs are for as long as he needs!

What natural wisdom rabbits show, effortlessly present like a Buddha or zen master.

Tuxedo nearly knocked me over.

I had just put a small handful of pellets (his nightly snack) into a little bowl. As I stepped near his Ex-pen. He jumped straight up, hit his bowl plus my hand. When he landed on the floor outside his pen I think he surprised us both. I think he intended to land inside the bowl of food.

So I put the bowl down and let him take a bite. Then I picked him up and placed him back in his night pen. Of course, he got his snack.

House  rabbit, Tuxedo, insists on his snack

One night I forgot his snack. I usually do not sleep all night but that night I did. I woke up once to hear thumping coming from downstairs.

In the morning, my spouse said, “Last night, Tux thumped so hard I thought he’d break his back bones.” All that day, Tuxedo continued to show his anger by lifted both back legs and thumping loudly.

So at  least one Walt Disney film got rabbit behavior right, watch Bambi and hear Thumper use his back leg.

The only distraction in Tuxedo’s life is spelled c-a-r-r-o-t.

Secrets to tame a rabbit?

  1. Infinite calm
  2. Loving kindness
  3. Softly stroke his cheeks
  4. Feed by hand often

Please visit the House Rabbit Society Website for great information on living with and loving house rabbits. Rabbits make great companions for adults. Most rescued rabbits come house trained. They use litter boxes lined with about a dozen sheets of newspaper and will happily munch Timothy Hay in the same box!


3 thoughts on “Zen Rabbit

  1. We had a time where we had 2 cats and 1 rabbit living harmoniously in our home. They would eat their respective foods together, watch the garden creatures through a glass door together, and share the same litter tray. When they had their “hyper-active” moments, all three would go charging around the house. It made interesting conversation pieces when we had visitors! The only issue we had was with Brewster Bun. If he was out of sight of the litter tray, it might also be out of his mind! 🙂

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