2 paws up: Learning from Dogs

 Learning from Dogs: new nonfiction book

Happily a gift arrived a week ago from a friend. Paul Handover’s nonfiction book came and now has a place on my desk. Having connected through our blogs on WordPress.com. We shared a few chats on the phone. Our conversations led to Handover requesting a book endorsement for his Learning from Dogs: Innate Wisdom from Man’s Best Friend,  his nonfiction on the wisdom of dogs.

Paul Handover's nonfiction book on the innate wisdom of dogs
Paul Handover’s nonfiction book on the innate wisdom of dogs

As Agatha Christie’s famous detective, Poirot likes to put it, “My little gray cells…” so in an email to Paul, I wrote, “‘My little gray cells’ are spinning from jazzy ideas for your book blurb.”
“…fine insights on dogs by  Handover, who loves them, lives with dozens and learns from dogs.”

A rich resource of ideas, experience and knowledge, both large in scope.

Handover delivers in terms of descriptive of canine behavior, historical and detailed memoir..

“Paul Handover’s book will open your eyes to man’s best friend. Forget that bogus male alpha dog or alpha wolf. Make way for the three dogs needed for a healthy dog pack. Make peace with multiple dogs in your family’s life.”

Learning from Dogs
A lovely gift from Paul Handover, a wonderful blogger and author

“You will love this book. Paul Handover sets us free from false ideas of what dogs need. Read and learn to make a healthier relationship with your dog and dogs everywhere.”

“What do our faithful and loving dogs have to do with hope and a better future? Everything. Discover the five things our dogs teach us. Paul Handover tells us how to make a better world for our children and grandchildren. Read parts of this book aloud to your family and friends. I also recommend this book for book clubs, especially for clubs reading nonfiction and discussing current events.”
In Learning From Dogs Handover returns us to our origins. Readers, find how early humans were helped and comforted by dogs, plus the rich evidence of man and dog co-evolution. Dive into this personal and species adventure. Reading this will change your perspective on dogs, wolves and humankind. Most importantly, “Learning From Dogs” values life on planet earth offers ideas on peaceful co-evolution and holds out a hand to readers, a hand called hope.

 “It takes a long time to become young.”~ Pablo Picasso

In Learning From Dogs, Handover returns us to our origins investigating the mutual survival and social relations of early humans and dogs. Visit the rich evidence of man and dog’s coevolution. Reading this changes our perspective on dogs, wolves and humankind. Most importantly Learning From Dogs values life on Earth and offers ideas on peaceful coevolution. Handover holds out his hand to readers, a hand called hope.”

Please visit Learning from Dogs blog and read more about the book.

Deborah Taylor-French, author and blogger of Dog Leader Mysteries, writes books full of animal rescue and positive dog leadership plus non-fiction books for adults.

10 thoughts on “2 paws up: Learning from Dogs

  1. Paul’s book sounds like a real winner, Deborah — and a much needed volume for the dog world as well! So nice of you to blurb it and then advertise it here. Good karma shall come your way. 🙂


    1. So cool of you to stop by, read and comment. I love your current avatar. Did you draw or paint it? Thanks for the good karma note. Some new women friends started a “super-fun-positive” daily greeting like Wonderful Wednesday or Terrific Tuesday, any ideas what to add to our game? I know you are super creative.


      1. No problem, Deborah — I enjoy stopping by your blog and seeing what’s up! Your blog looks great, btw! I’ve been writing all day, so my brain is “mush,” but if I come up with something creative I’ll be sure to let you know. 🙂 For now, how about “Thursday Thanks!” 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I like “Thursday Thanks” & this morning I told myself to expect something silly and satisfying, thus “Satisfied Silly Saturday.” 😎 bra thanks for saying the new-to-me Franklin theme looks good, we artists often work super hard for better skills and creations😘


  2. Deborah, I’m very grateful for your kind endorsement. Thank you! Could I just add that 50% of the net proceeds from the sale of my book, in all formats, are being donated to our local Rogue Valley Humane Society. Already we have raised more than $500 for what will be known as The Pharaoh Fund.

    Liked by 1 person

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