seat of knowledge where the rock split Buddha sits

Source: Opening

Dog Leader Mystery Readers,

Yes, I read and love poetry. I have been know to write poetry, usually in journals that end up in dusty boxes in hard to find places. I follow leaf and twig, a WordPress blog, because the  short poems presented with photograph show zing.

On the long gray days of winter, who does not need zing? Please visit leaf and twig to get your daily ZING!

Awe, Poetry…my first literary love

As far as I know I have no plans to publish any of my poetry here on this blog. The pleasure of publishing two of my poems rests with Redwood Writers. Those members, like myself, who write poetry, have summited and been accepted to this year’s poetry anthology welcome the coming publication of Stolen Light 2016 Poetry Anthology.

The theme defined as Charged Moments suggested interested poets consider moments that contain the essence of an observation, that are charged with light, with energy.

Buddha + tulipsSpring tulips trumpet the glory beyond Buddha, beyond poetry, beyond flowers.

A taste of Deborah’s flash fiction

While novel writing may take years for formation, revisiting, editoral shaping from developmental editors or clique partners then on to line editors and copy editors, flash fiction and poetry give daily outlets for fun. Please visit my “Write Monday: a Guggenheim Flash.”

Thanks for reading and leaving comments, we love comments, yes we do.

Deborah Taylor-French

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