5 nonfat healthy dog treats

Has your Vet said your dog is overweight?

Is your dog beginning a middle age spread?

Is your dog a chow hound like our Sydney?

When will she give them to me?
Our Sydney in “Down, stay” behavior waiting for treats.

Tips to slim your hound

 Begin with caution: add each food a few pieces once a week then if your dog’s eating and elimination are normal, try others on the list. These foods are health raw training treats.

  • Sugar snap peas to break or cut into pieces
  • Apple slices, thin but not too small. Make your dog chew
  • Carrot pieces cut long for chewing
  • Broccoli-skin & stalk cut like above
  • Cucumber be sure to use the skin, if organic



Please suggest other vegetables and fruits that you give your dog. We love our readers and we love sharing new ideas with readers.


Thanks for reading, Deborah Taylor-French

4 thoughts on “5 nonfat healthy dog treats

    1. Thanks for reading and leaving a note. We love readers and writers. I saw that you are a writer and blogger so I zipped over and read your blog. Liked it. Honest, clear and creative writing. Do you have writer pals? I found that joining Redwood Writers and keeping in touch with other writers encouraging + fun.

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