Not yet dog days of summer

Perhaps you aren’t right now feeling hopeful.

Perhaps not looking forward to anything in particular. But wherever you are in your life, the amazing thing is you can still be knocked on your heels looking into the face of a child just learning to walk, or suddenly seeing the sky fulsome with clouds get one of those

 “Gee, life is so much bigger than I make it most of the time.”

Try dark chocolate and fresh fruit for breakfast. 

I am not kidding. My new regime is dark chocolate before 9 AM along with my usual cup of hot Rooibos tea🤓. Try singing or dancing before breakfast or take a walk. Anything but your routine will do. 

Editing on my mobile phone is rather iffy so please forgive errors. Do sign up for my new (not WordPress follow) email web form because this site will move from Word Press in only two months to its new home. We are adding this site & Dog Leader Mysteries blog to Deborah Taylor-French for an author book launch🤓

4 thoughts on “Not yet dog days of summer

    1. A new study done in Scandinavia of workers who ate chocolate cake before 9am found that dark chocolate helped them with their mental concentration in the mornings. Bare in mind that this was. Solely dark chocolate & before 9, so I have been trying a modest serving of the same at that time of day. Mind that I am by nature a lark and generally rise about 6am. 😀

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