Want to write a guest post?

Yes, we take guest posts

Use the contact form to reach the editor of Dog Leader Mysteries blog.

Guidelines for posts

Here are our limitations on posts and site connections.
Absolutely no animal cruelty links, ads or cruelty in social media promotion. We pay an extra fee to WordPress (.com) to keep ads that promote puppy mills, cruel training methods, products such as shock or prong collars and events such as Greyhound racing off the site.
All guest posts must include your name, and a web address or email address to contact you. We publish posts that have between 500 and 800 words. We prefer that your post have subtitles (we can help you set a good title).  A headshot or photograph of you as the author would be great.


Plus we can publish your photographs related to your topic and will need the name of the photographer or source to give credit.

Writer Credits

All writers need to show valid Internet or web credentials. If you are a  beginning writer, perhaps you have personal references or a few social media sites to help us validate you? If you have a blog, Web site or business your write for we would like to see those. If not then a Facebook page with location or business address.
Thank you for your interest in Dog Leader Mysteries blog. We hope to hear from you soon.



Deborah Taylor-French

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