We don’t need no education!

Love this blog.

This post has a wide scope aimed at American values. Are we willing to help each other?

This is a hot topic these days. What we see when disaster strikes are far removed from bigotry and racism in America. So I share this post with you.

I wonder if you know the Pink Floyd song “We Don’t Need No Education” and its refrain of “Hey, teacher leave those kids alone.”? That hook made me think of the few truly awful teachers I have had in grammar and high school. Turns out most of my teachers wanted all students to learn.

Well, are we all born with prejudice? 

Turns out there exists scientific research on young children that seems to show that racial prejudice starts early as stranger fear. In fact, we saw this same fear in our child early on. But with education to examine those early fears most people learn to accept a wide range of people in their lives and communities. Our child has grown up and now champions the rights of all people to be free, have mutual rights under the law, and to enjoy the pursuit of happiness. Would that this was the normal educational work of most families.

Turns out, most of us need some help

As we go forward into each day, I hope and pray that each of us can and will offer our empathy, sympathy, and helping hands to others. If we love animals, it starts the opening of the heart to the wonderful and strange world of all animals. Our curiosity and affection can extend our range to those we call friends and family.

Of course, my blog topic and goal is to ‘save dogs’ lives and dog lovers’ sanity’ so I hope you will hop on over to this post on “A Dog’s Life?(Stories of Me and Him) and leave Colin a like or share his blog.

My best to you all,

Deborah Taylor-French at Dog Leader Mysteries

Source: We don’t need no education!

I smell goodies!
Sydney as a one-year-old, “I want it now.”


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