Dog Leader Mysteries blog is back

Dog Leader Mysteries blog is back

Dear Readers,

My apologies to you if you have clicked on our Dog. Leader Mysteries site, only to find our menu missing. After several hours, over a few days, I deleted a temporary menu for our blog. At first, I blanched. I yelped. Then I clicked on the Main. Menu.

Wowie zowie, my eyes rested our missing menu.

Can’t say when or why I couldn’t find the proper dashboard click to find the site menu options before. Yet I felt so overjoyed, I did a bit of a happy dance. Next, I sat and worked slowly through my options for menus. This Franklin Theme offers three or four menus.

Why the confusion?

Too much of a good thing turned out to be confusing.

After my happy dance, I plodded along one click at a time. Restoring my original menu took some doing, some pages had left the building, so to speak. Between reordering pages and posts, we find ourselves back in business.

Thank you for your patience.

Please look in again and see our new posts. Especially, Cindy Grant, our new guest blogger’s post,

ABC’s of Grooming Poodle Dogs


4 thoughts on “Dog Leader Mysteries blog is back

  1. Technology can be vexing and it must be the season. I spent nearly 6 hours with the Apple geniuses trying to resolve compatibility issues with WordPress and Blogger. Luckily there was a happy ending but not before I had a total meltdown. I know first world problems. Thanksgiving this week provided me with the opportunity to focus on the really important things like all the new friends with whom we’ve connected with this past year. Thank you for your continued support. Onward toward the next batch of adventures!


    1. Thanks for your support too. So there are compatibility issues between Apple devices & WordPress? Guess I am not the only one.

      Great to hear you have made new friends and enjoyed their company over the holiday weekend. Keep those tails wagging, Deborah

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      1. The compatibility issues are seamlessly trying to make Blogger (a Google product) compatible with WordPress. Apple likes both, but the two don’t play so well together sometimes. I had a hiccup when the new OS launched with Blogger not publishing my comments. Rotten Google! 🙂

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