Grateful for Four-legged Friends

I feel fortunate to have a multi Pet household. A few years ago, our daughter adopted Siamese cat she named Yoda. From again from the beginning she decided that she was going to keep the cat indoors, so as to not suffer the fate of two of my cats which family members ran over because the cat had been sleeping on a tire. Cats like being warm although they might prefer roaming outside.

So Yoda’s kingdom remains safe from automobiles. She gives him toys to bat around. Even a three-way tunnel and other enrichment items amuses him. Some days we scatter his kibble so he must hunt for his meal. Cats remain hunters, no matter how we try to Domesticate them.

Now downstairs we keep a house rabbit named Tuxedo. We adopted him from a local animal shelter about six years ago. His personal habits continue to be fastidious, and arrived litter box trained. Tuxedo loves to be perfectly clean. He also loves fresh greens from our garden.

rabbits are not supposed to be feed a lot of lettuce because it’s got too much water in it.

Rabbits are herbivores. So we cut Tuxedo mint leaves, oregano, thyme, dandelion, sweet anise and organic roses.

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