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Deborah Taylor-French, M.A.

Deborah writes mysteries full of dogs,  positive dog leadership and animal rescue. Deborah was awarded and served as a guest artist for California’s Artists in the Schools.  As an arts educator, Deborah has led over a hundred residences and teacher workshops. 

 An active member of Redwood Writers, Deborah continues to serve as Author Support Facilitator.  Redwood Writers is the largest branch of the California Writers ClubThe true story of Sydney’s adoption, “Punk Rocker With A Poodle Brain” is published in “Vintage Voices Four Part Harmony.” Her fiction and memoir published in eight volumes of the  Redwood Writers Anthology


Blogging & writing Dog Leader Mysteries

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Merlin & me
Cindy’ beloved Merlin and Deborah

Photo credit: Cindy A. Pavlinac


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      A photo of your dog or dogs are best in a .jpg format, and hopefully high resolution ( sized 600 x ____ ?) for a feature for one of my Photo Friday posts. I’ll notify you when it is up.

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      Deborah Taylor-French

      Author of fiction & nonfiction Saving dogs’ lives & dog lovers’ sanity Blogging at Twitter @dtfpress

      “Don’t make the mistake of treating your dogs like humans, or they’ll treat you like dogs.” Martha Scott


  1. Thanks for the like on my site. I have a 3 year old wheaten terrier and he is a character in my third novel. You have an interesting site for anyone who likes dogs.
    p.s. I love all the photos.


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