Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin

By Deborah Taylor-French at

Nothing rivets like original thinking.

Temple Grandin supplies innovative thinking with specific examples for dogs, cats, horses and farm animals.

Temple Grandin loves animals.
Temple Grandin loves animals.

Animals Make Us Human

In Animals Make Us Human, Temple Grandin bucks accepted thought on dog training. Inside a chapter devoted to “A Dog’s Life,” Grandin debunks common knowledge about dogs by citing current research. “Dogs need parents, not pack leaders.” Grandin supports this unpopular statement with research observations of wolves in their natural habitat. Also she asks why dogs would need aggressive dominant pack leaders when their wild ancestors, wolves live in small families, not massive man-made packs. Wild wolf families share food, avoiding dominance challenges.

Animals Make Us Human Book Cover

She points out that most human families do not have forty different dogs from forty different breeds, which might require a pack leader mentality to keep dogs from fighting and vying for leadership. National polls show most families have one dog. A single dog living in a family best compares to a child living with parents. Most dogs see their roles as puppies, wanting to please. Dogs watch people for clues on how they should behave.

Specific chapters feature Grandin’s personal and unique observations on cats, horses, pigs, chickens and cattle. No one who loves animals should pass up the chance to read this book.

The book’s conclusion does not sum up the huge scope of this book. I hope Grandin will take on this challenge in her next book.

Be Original Like Temple Grandin

You can purchase her books on her Website: Temple Grandin, Ph.D.

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