Quiz for fiction writers

Fiction Writers Quiz

Please answer True or False

  1. All editors do copy editing.
  2. Most writers live in their heads.
  3. Only the best writers get publishing deals.
  4. Most novelists make tons of money.
  5. Writing a novel demands years of being alone.
  6. Publishing one novel makes you a novelist.
  7. Fiction sells more copies than nonfiction.
  8. All writers are mad, bonkers, off their heads.
  9. Listening to their fiction characters and dead people is normal for fiction writers.
  10. Track Changes in Microsoft Word is the best way to edit fiction.
  11. The main purpose of revision is to correct grammar and spelling.

Tell me your number of false statements to discuss and myth bust in a comment. Would you reword any of the statements  in this quiz draft? I plan to publish the list and add things overtime and publish it as a poll. Of course I’d love to hear from you.

Wonderful 52th floor view from the Roppongi Hills, Tokyo
Wonderful 52th floor view from the Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

Thanks for reading and taking this poll on Internet security. Double thanks for sharing it. Also please let me know if this poll works by taking it because I am planning on using this with several posts before launching my first novel in my Dog Leader Mystery series.

Note I never share your email. I believe in the right to privacy and that it would be in our best interest to protect it. 

Do visit Redwood Writers, the largest branch of the California Writers Club because our website is deep with resources for all writers, fiction or nonfiction.

Thanks for reading!

Deborah Taylor-French

Blogging at Dog Leader Mysteries

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