Microchip your dog!

Microchip your dog!
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot… nothing 
is going to get better. It's not.”
Black Dog
Microchip me, please. I look like hundreds of other dogs.

Thousands of black dogs or cats live in your city or county

Please microchip your pets. Dogs, cats, pet rabbits, horses and ponies need to be microchipped.

The Humane Society of the United States, HSUS, continues to be a presence for good in Lake County, California, after the wildfire that took the lives of firefighters, home owners, renters, ranchers and their animals. Helping People and Animals in Peril From Fires and Floods published on A Humane Nation Wayne Pacelle’s Blog. Wayne Pacelle is the President and Chief Executive. The Humane Society of the United States.

Lost and found pets from the Lake County fire

The bad news? Hundred of pets lost their lives. The good news? Hundreds of other cats, dogs, pet rabbits, ponies and horses got saved or found by animal welfare staff and volunteers. Sonoma County lies just south of Lake County, California, and in a news statement a local contractor said, “Nearly everyone here in Sonoma County knows someone in Lake County.” That’s why she opened her warehouse and put out the word that she would sort, store and transport supplies for those who lost everything in the wildfire.

“So many people had to flee quickly and couldn’t find/catch/transport all their animals – especially those with horses or livestock. The amazing thing is how many survived and are being found alive!”

“There are certainly lessons to learn from this incident, both from the shelter perspective and as a pet owner. It really re-inforces the importance of a microchip. Animals were turned loose to give them a chance to survive, and they are being caught – that’s sometimes the easy part. Next is how to reunite them with their owners. How many black cats look alike? Especially if you add some cinders and singed fur. Would you recognize your pet? What if he was badly injured? Or just completely filthy? In the chaos of rescue work, sometimes the exact location where a pet was found isn’t documented (or all landmarks and street signs are gone and the rescuer really doesn’t know where the animal was found). Animals in panic mode can travel quite a distance and be found far from home so you can’t rely on a description of where the animal was found to identify him. Collars are wonderful and definitely your first line of offense in trying to get your pet back if they ever became lost – but a microchip is very much needed as a back-up system!”

“Lake County Fire” by Mickey Zeldes, The Community Voice, September 24, 2015 11:05 am

Prepare now. Have each pet microchipped
Blog the Change for animals

Four times a year Blog Paws runs Be the Change for Animals, also known as #BtC4A a hashtag, for actions taken for humane treatment of any and all animals. Be the Change for Animals, actually, is a movement without borders. You can write or talk about any topic that will raise public awareness, anywhere in the world, for a better life for animals.

Please Be the change for animals,by blogging, calling, sharing on social media or volunteering and donating to Lake County fire victims. So many ways to help, so please choose one.

Our local shelter director shared good news of how the local human and pet rescue revealed new moves for temporary sheltering people and their pets. Many business, including the local Wall-Mart opened up their parking lots for RV, trailer and tent camping. Pets got to stay with their families.

Please share because October 15 is 2 days from today!
Dog Leader Mysteries

Thank you for reading, caring and sharing,

Deborah Taylor-French

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