We moved from WordPress (.com) to WP (.org), Dog Leader Mysteries

Please visit our new blog We have moved from WordPress (.com) to a self-hosted site on WordPress.org. Dear WordPress Followers, Please visit and sign up for our free updates by email to our fast new blog site. Please visit us at our address Dog Leader Mysteries, be sure to omit the word, WordPress. Thanks for … Continue reading We moved from WordPress (.com) to WP (.org), Dog Leader Mysteries

1 thing more toxic than chocolate for dogs

More toxic than chocolate? Yes, and it’s everywhere. Please visit my guest blog post on 4Knines blog “One common thing that is more toxic than chocolate for dogs”  Then please comment! Of course, after you comment, I'd love it if you would share far and wide for the love and lives of dogs. After working … Continue reading 1 thing more toxic than chocolate for dogs

Safe rides 4 dogs

Go for a ride? "Go for a ride." These words sound so sweet to our dogs. Of course, they love to have their nose out the window smelling the world that is speeding. But your dog needs a seatbelt or to ride safely in a tied down pet safe crate. specially  if they must ride … Continue reading Safe rides 4 dogs

Unchain dogs: Blog For The Change

Dogs on chains often become chronic barkers. Their barking serves to say, “I’m here. I’m alone. Please help me.” When I was a child one of our neighbors kept a black Labrador retriever on a chain across from my bedroom. The dog became a chronic barker. I don’t recall him barking at night from inside of his house. But during the day, he never failed to bark all day, every day. I knew something wasn’t right. I felt sad for that poor dog.

Welcome 2 the dog house

Welcome 2 the dog house

Positive or negative, an outdoor dog house? Dog houses invoke memories of big dogs that lived outside. When we grew up one of our close neighbors had a dog house in his side yard. Because he tied out his black Labrador retriever that dog became a nuisance barker and a problem for us. Never did we have any quiet until the neighbor returned from his job and let the dog inside.

Dog Leader Mysteries blog is back

Dog Leader Mysteries blog is back

Dear Readers, My apologies to you if you have clicked on our Dog. Leader Mysteries site, only to find our menu missing. After several hours, over a few days, I deleted a temporary menu for our blog. At first, I blanched. I yelped. Then I clicked on the Main. Menu. Wowie zowie, my eyes rested our … Continue reading Dog Leader Mysteries blog is back