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Unchain dogs: Blog For The Change

Dogs on chains often become chronic barkers. Their barking serves to say, “I’m here. I’m alone. Please help me.” When I was a child one of our neighbors kept a black Labrador retriever on a chain across from my bedroom. The dog became a chronic barker. I don’t recall him barking at night from inside of his house. But during the day, he never failed to bark all day, every day. I knew something wasn’t right. I felt sad for that poor dog.

Rainy day dog play

Rain never stops our play We adopted Sydney in January. From traces on copy paper, I noticed he had been born on my birthday (or had I been born on his?)! Yes, I felt amazed. Sydney = kismet! For me to at last find Sydney (in a local animal shelter) after searching local animal shelters, … Continue reading Rainy day dog play