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6 ways dogs help us heal

6 ways dogs heal us Dogs show empathy. Dogs give us affection. Dogs give us their complete attention. Dogs give us physical comforting. They snuggle and lie in our laps. Dogs live in the moment, sharing enthusiasm and joy. Dogs possess sensory abilities  beyond our sensory capacity. They hear into the distance beyond our hearing range. … Continue reading 6 ways dogs help us heal

Electronics stolen from animal shelter

“Whenever anything truly bad made headline news and I would ask my mother about it,  she always said, 'Look to the helpers. You will find helpers when you look.’” Mr. Rogers Burglary Rohnert Park Animal Shelter A Friday night in mid-June, burglars entered through an open window, grabbed a laptop computer, a portable printer, a … Continue reading Electronics stolen from animal shelter

House Rabbits Rock

Ten things to know on pet rabbits "For April, BlogPaws celebrates Small Pet Appreciation Month. So all you bunny, chicks, hamster, rabbit, gerbil, ferret, fish, gecko, bird, and other small pet parents: This one’s for you!" As a family we adopted our first rabbit, after both of our beloved dogs died within six months of … Continue reading House Rabbits Rock